Your Mask

There are two kinds of you
as there are two sides of a coin.
One I know so well,
the other i did not see was there.
For much too long I looked on
for what you only wanted my eyes to see
I did not mind for I can not know
I had my heart set only for you.
There was not much to tell
Because you kept it too well.
We were happy,
we were great,
we went on adventures
And there was so much more.
but just like the icing on a cake
everything was good only on the surface
You blinded me with the good and the beautiful
and the ugly was put behind us both.
You held too much from me.
I was in the dark for too long.
I was warned this must be wrong
I was told we were doomed
You and me were too superficial
But I was not the only one special.
It was then I realized
you were full of lies.
While you shower me of sweet talks
You were doing the same to other folks
I did not see it right away
my heart refused to keep it at bay.
The truth hurt too much.
I started to cringe at your every touch
But like a sword,
There’s only a thin line to cross the other side
To see what lies behind
the secrets you tried to hide.
Now I see the face behind the mask
I see the other side of the man I used to love.


Two souls brought together by Fate.
And Time granted this meeting.
But Jealousy saw Joy between them
Then asked Envy to cast ruins upon them.
So Distance and Grief came,
And Loneliness took place in between.
But Time saw all these and watched with Patience,
So a day came when the two souls met again.
For Fate had once said,
“Nothing can separate a love that’s true
and destined by the heavens.”