I Wrote You a Love Letter You’ll Never Get to Read

I wrote you a love letter you’ll never get to read,
The only way for this broken heart to mend.
Its contents you’ll never get to see,
Where I pour out all my heart and soul for free
It was about the day we first met,
How your voice got stuck in my head.
I could listen to you speak all day,
Til you take my breath away.
You are the reason of my every musing
The heart’s erratic beating.
For every song that sings in my head
The wanderings of thoughts before bed
For every sky I look up to
The sunrise I woke up to
For every storm I’ll brave through
Every destination I’ll fearlessly go.
It was you I didn’t see coming
And have my heart start beating.
I felt tiny specks of everything
Even I started praying.
I fell in love with the idea of us,
When there was not even an us.
You had me after time spent
Yet left me in a moment.
Our spark didn’t go that far
I began adoring you from afar.
Now, I am in deep melancholy
Fighting all these folly,
Coz all I need is my sanity
So here I am writing my reality.
And I do not understand
How you are beautiful in my poetry
But to me, a painful memory.

Your Constant

In days when you
feel alone,
I’ll be right behind
Waiting for you.
We’ll walk together
Side by side.
My love, this I tell you,
I will be your constant.
In times you are in
the dark,
Allow me to be your sun.
To shed you some light
Til the monsters are
fought and gone.
My love, this you should know,
I am your constant.
And in the midst
of chaos,
I will have you wrapped
in my arms.
Hold you till it warms
you inside.
And this my love,
you must know
that I will always be
Your constant.